Course 'Micronautics Cadenza 101'

This course shows publishers and instructors how to work with Micronautics Cadenza, which powers sites such as

The currently visible roles are:

  • Publishers decide business issues, such as pricing, when courses are released and the hiring of instructors.
  • Instructors write courses and make videos. As a publisher, provides instructors with video production personnel so they can concentrate on content.
  • TAs provide support to students in order to help them learn the course material. This role will be significantly expanded in an upcoming Cadenza release.
  • Students can view course content that they are enrolled for.
  • Visitors can view free course content.

This course explores how publishers and instructors work together to create online courses using Micronautics Cadenza.

How to Study This Course

The video on the front page of this web site discusses how to study this course. The transcript tab contains the same information as the video in written form.

Date Lecture Changes
2015-03-18   Updated transcripts for most lectures
2014-09-11 Cadenza Macros Documented the new macro dialog and published video
2013-06-30 Online HTML Editor - Creating Quizzes Published video
2013-06-30 Online HTML Editor - Spellcheck Published video
2013-06-30 Online HTML Editor - Working with Images Published video
2013-06-30 Online HTML Editor - Predefined CSS Classes Published video
2013-06-30 Online HTML Editor - Buttons and Hot Keys Published video
2013-06-11 Tour of Instructor Pages Published video
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